Missy Maxwell Worton


Do you feel like you were created to do more with your life?

Hi, I'm Missy,

I am an award-winning author, destiny coach & speaker who enjoys finding the hidden treasure in women, & helping them unload the labels that are holding them back from living their most impactful & fulfilling life possible.


I help women clarify & define their unique destiny calling & discover their strongest talents & passions, so they can advance a powerful & lasting legacy by bettering the lives of others & living in their true identity in Christ. 


Unlock your Destiny Step into your Authority Live out an Everlasting Legacy!

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Don't Mess With This Mama - The Book

Based on A True Story



"I didn't have time to entertain fear when I knew God's promises had given me permission to be brave."
—Missy Maxwell Worton

Be Strong & Courageous, don't be terrified or discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go...Joshua 1:9

In my book, Don't Mess With This Mama, we Risked It All to Rescue Our Daughter.

Through this journey we began to uncover the keys to:

  • Unlock our Destiny

  • Walk in our Authority

  • Live out an Everlasting Legacy



Debbie Carey

Missy has been in my life for years & has helped me see the value I have in Christ. She was a huge part of our journey when we lost our daughter. I don't know what we would've done without she & Mark. Missy has always been giving & believing of others!

So thankful for her!

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Kim Wells

From the moment I met Missy, I knew she was a spiritually deep well.  She has been a source of encouragement & faith to me in times of struggle.  She is the absolute real deal & authentic to the core.

I am honored to call her friend!


Adrienne Evans

The unwavering faith of Missy Maxwell Worton is an inspiration to me & so many others. I have known Missy personally for over 10 years. Every day her faith is demonstrated as she trusts God to carry her family & friends to their places of victory.

She is a lover of God & People, a Warrior at heart, & profound teacher of life skills!

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Mark & Missy

Franklin, TN USA