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Dear First-Time Author,

Click Here to Join the Free Challenge Starting on July 11 - 12, 2024


This 2-Day Writers Workshop was created for first-time Authors who want to write a well-written book that will inspire & impact people's lives in a powerful way. Most of the individuals in this Challenge feel a call to share THEIR story to encourage others that they can overcome hard times & are not alone in their battle.
T - TELLING YOUR STORY Why it matters & why YOU are the best one to tell your story. Learn how to overcome the fears holding you back from writing an incredible book with a storyline & impactful message.
R - REALIZE THE POWER OF WORDS Writing authentically & using your words to pull people into your story. Who needs your message?
U - UNDERSTANDING HOW TO WRITE A GREAT STORY OUTLINE Strategic & simple ways to create a good outline you can work from for a masterful book
T - TIME MANAGEMENT SECRETS TO FINISHING YOUR BOOK For a Busy person with just 90 min a day.
H - HOW TO PULL IT ALL TOGETHER & get your book done!
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2-Day Writers Workshop Begins on July 11-12, 2024.

Join me LIVE via Zoom each day at 10 am - 12 pm Central Time for 2 hours of motivation, instruction, & inspiration on how to design & write a well-written book that people cannot put down. 

(Replays will be available)


Click Here to Join the Free Challenge Starting on July 11-12, 2024.

  I absolutely loved this Challenge!  I filled in the worksheets with loads of notes. What I learned was so valuable & I will definitely be applying it.
Missy is a great teacher. Her love & passion overflow!
Thank you so much ~Lesley

In this 2-Day Writers Workshop you will get LIVE TRAINING from award-winning Author 
Missy Maxwell Worton & her Friends THAT OTHERS HAVE PAID $997 absolutely FREE! 
Starting on July 11-12, 2024.


When you register today for the free 2-Day Writers Workshop, you will get immediate access to our Facebook Community & be registered for a dynamic two days of learning strategies to pull your story together into a well written format.

What if there was... 

--> An easy way to finish your book with only 90 minutes a day for 90 days?

-->What if you had someone who had gone before you, faced some of the same doubts, & was willing to help you stop delaying & give you clarity to write a well written book?

-->What if you found out that YOUR STORY had the power to impact people in a positive way & bring hope & healing for generations to come?

    Join Today & Get YOUR BOOK Done!

Click Here to Join the Free Challenge Starting on July 11-12, 2024.


How long will the challenge last?

 The challenge will run for 2 consecutive days from Thursday, July 11, 2024, through Friday, July 12, 2024. Each day will be about 2 hours. (10 am-12 pm CST)*

*subject to change.

Where will I access the challenge?

Once inside, you will be given a link to access a private Facebook group. This is for members only.

The entire challenge - the live workshops, conversations, content, support community, replays, any worksheets & related resources - will be housed inside of the private Facebook group.

What if I don't know anything about the book industry?
No problem! This challenge is about helping you get your book outlined, structured & started with great time management tips to help you write a great book & get it finished!

What if I miss one (or all) of the workshops?

Totally fine.  While we would LOVE to have you there live (there'll be prizes for turning up live!), you won't miss out on the incredible content. I will be recording all 2 days of content & posting them inside of the private challenge Facebook group. You'll have access to all of the training inside throughout the duration of the challenge - & even a few days afterwards if I'm feeling generous. 

What if I'm not sure if I want to write my story?  

No problem. I can think of no better place to find out (for free) that you are called to write. 

How will I be able to access the LIVE zoom trainings? 
When you join with your email, we will email you the zoom link the night before each workshop.



Meet Your Coach


Award-Winning Author of her TRUE STORY book, "Don't Mess With This Mama"
Named Author of the Year for 2020
Winner of Spark Speech for ISC2021
Mom of Four Kids
Writes Across Media Platforms for 30+ Years
Top Author Finalist/Winner for 10+ Awards

Our Warrior Writer Authors Say..

“Words can not express my gratitude for the support, encouragement, and education I have received in the Warrior Writer Group. Under Missy's leadership, a group of ladies are joined with the express purpose of living and growing in Kingdom principles to write stories that invade the darkness with His resplendent light. I have been transformed through the process of publishing my true story and it is my joy and privilege to share it with others. I personally have been a part of church and church leadership for much of my life, but never have I ever been a part of such a vibrant group of women, on fire to impact the world with the love of the Good Father. God has blessed Missy with the experience and passion to ignite hearts to be world changers.”


Donna Bess

Author of Sidetracked to Surrender

The 5-Day TRUE STORY Challenge 

"Missy's writing challenge helped me realize how easy it would be to gather my thoughts & write a book.. Her outlines & questions truly inspired me to want to roll up my sleeves & start writing!
She allowed us to ask plenty of questions & be part of an amazing community!"
~Cheryl -
Challenge participant
I have heard for years that I should write a book.
Truthfully the idea seemed preposterous! What did I know about writing a book?
Just one 5-Day challenge with Missy and I felt I had stepped into my calling, She is an amazing mentor!
-Donna Dubois
I am so grateful for this opportunity with Missy and the encouragement of so many gifted ladies as we are walking through this together. Leaving a legacy of your story can impact generations! Thank you, Missy for being a spiritual avenue to instruct and encourage us to get our story out there!
You are using your talents in such a powerful way!!
-Caron Carroll
What do I think about Missy Worton’s 5-Day Writers Challenge?
Missy Worton’s 5-Day Writers Challenge has blessed me in so many ways. I have soaked up her knowledge and expertise like a sponge! I learned that the words we write carry a frequency in them and they have the power to heal and restore those who have lost their way. Missy began the class by making me face my fears of writing, my needs for perfection, and my insecurities. In doing so, I felt like the chains that have been holding me back for so many years had broken off of me. She said, “If God entrusted you with a testimony, the story needs to come out!” I am so thankful for Missy’s boldness to speak love and truth. Not only has it challenged me to face my fears and anxiety about writing, but she has also brought to many powerful Holy Spirit-inspired truths to my mind that now I believe if I don’t write this book, I will be ignoring God’s calling on my life. What started out as a 5-day curiosity has now turned into writing an entire book!
Took a risk, 2021 entered Global #speakoff. Destiny brought Missy Maxwell Worton into the same room and I thought, ‘I wanna know this girl!!!!’
Her effervescent spirit won me over! Oblivious she was award-winning author Don’t Mess with This Mama, a true story. When she announced a 5-Day Write Your Book Challenge I hopped on Feb 22! Free and AWESOME… I needed more. I’m in week 3 of the 12-week program to finish the memoir with the spiritual support of like-spirited ladies spurring me to push through. When we want something, sometimes we gotta raise the stakes! When the students are ready, the teacher (mentor) arrives. Immensely grateful for Warrior Writers Program!-Nattolie Chilton
Click Here to Join the Free Challenge Starting on July 11-12, 2024.


Missy's award-winning book, Don't Mess With This Mama 

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 2.59.22 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 2.59.22 AM.png

Dear Passionate World Changer,

     If you resonate with the idea of writing YOUR story & helping others find freedom, encouragement & hope through your story, you are in the right place.

     Maybe, you don't feel qualified to write a book. You don't know where to start, if anyone would read it or if you even have the time to finish. No matter what our reason, someone is out there who is waiting to hear YOUR story. 

Now is the time for your message to be released!

I know how to help you.

Let's get your book written, so those waiting for your message can find hope, healing & freedom!

Stop delaying.

Join me & let's change the world together, one story at a time!

Blessings to YOU!

Missy Maxwell Worton

Click Here to Join the Free Challenge Starting on July 11-12, 2024.
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